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How to interview an accountant for your company

Entrepreneur or CEOs howsoever good his is, he is always worried if the accountant he is appointing really understands the concepts that business needs him to know. This is the problem not only with the science graduates and less educated businessmen. Even with the commerce graduate CEOs loose the grip on what can he expect from his accountant.

How to measure whether the accountant is a good performer or a not so good one. What’s the yardstick to see if the accountant or a finance guy is efficient enough for the business he is responsible for in the organization.

Let’s look at the ways to measure this

1. Discuss case studies with him without true nos and understand the responses he would give in the similar situation.Click here to download a basic JD format.

2. Talk about a case study that the person would have handled in a situation he experienced in his previous company.

3. Get him to do hands on for half a day as a test and see how is reacts in a live situation

4. Make him talk with your Chartered Accountant or Tax Consultant for gauge the technical understanding needed for your business. We have been helping many of our clients for senior position recruitment decisions.

Look at our previous post on What to look for in an Accountant? Talking about the capabilities of the accountants.

What should be a process for recruiting an accounts person in an organization?

1. Develop and publish a a clear Job description for the accountant. Below is a broad format for the same.

2. Nowadays circulating on the relevant Whatsapp groups, your Linkedin profile and FB page would definitely generate a few interesting CVs for the accountants.

3. Once you have got the CVs of the accountants, filter them and shortlist the interesting once based on requirement, qualification, experience, Salary expected by them, etc.

4. Do an HR interview to understand the attitude which is the most critical piece of a person. See if he is having sound family background, value system, communication skills, enthusiasm and readiness to learn, etc.

5. Do a technical round with the case studies and questions relevant for your requirement. He can also visit your CA if the CA is unable to come just to make it happen with him. In today’s time, even the skype can help.

6. Once you are sure about the capability, negotiate fare salary. Please don’t push it too below the market as you are not having the capability to manage the attrition on this side if he get’s a higher proposal.

Another important mantra is to monitor on a constant periodical frequency. Gap can be widened as and when we keep on gaining confidence. Missing the review is dangerous and may land you into a mess, waste of time and money.

Accountant once set, many things can fall in place for the company and free up a lot of time to do the real cream work for otherwise tied up CEO. CEO’s¬†highest productive time is to search right people!!