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What’s is representation and Litigation at APD


Chartered Accountant for a small client means someone who can help him handle tax Department with confidence.
Representation starts with documentation and slowly becomes knowledge driven. Articles joining us this may get exposed to various tax laws, burning issues, presentation and persuasion.

We do handling of various notices, scrutiny cases and appeals with complete hierarchy authorities under Income tax Act. We have gained edge in handling all kinds of issues and notice from Maharashtra VAT Act. (Mvat) & profession Tax. Apart from this, a specializes team handles show cause notices with respect to Service Tax and consultation related to complicated service tax matters for various types of clients. This is very knowledge intensive area wherein study about business facts visa Vis legal provisions both go hand in hand.

People good at litigation and representation can make their career as  tax counsel. Nowadays many Chartered Accountants are also getting a Law degree and practising in this field full time. Trained people in this area can also be great asset for tax Department of a corporate. In the mid sized CA firms, people with niche representation experience are valued a lot.